The Social Innovation Factory - innovation that benefits all

The Social Innovation Factory is a networking organization that promotes, guides and supports social and societal innovative concepts. Are you working on such a concept or do you have one in mind? Then come to the Social Innovation Factory and make it happen!

How does the social innovation factory work?

Our world faces many challenges, ranging from small scale challenges to global challenges. Challenges that ask for solutions. Anyone can offer a solution – so can you. Do you have a socially innovative concept? Make use of the Social Innovation Factory to put it into practice: together we will broaden your network, deepen your concept and draw up a financial plan.

Do you want to know more about our approach? In our book "Social Innovation Factory - Accelerating social innovation" you'll discover our unique model to support social innovation and social entrepreneurship. This publication also brings you no less than 15 cases of social innovation practices that have been set up in the region of Flanders and Brussels. 

A partner for innovative minds

Companies and associations have the power to create new strategies, products, services and concepts that provide answers to societal challenges such as poverty, climate change, aging and loneliness. The Social Innovation Factory will help you designing and launching your innovative concept. Our network was set up by civil society and social entrepreneurs. The aim is to promote and guide social innovation and social entrepreneurship, and to lead this towards (co) financing or partnerships. We provide associations or companies access to the expertise in our learning network in order to bring your concept to life. The aim of this all? To ensure that you will successfully launch your social innovative project.

What can we do for you?

Contact us. During an intake meeting we discuss your concept, your possible issues and uncertainties. Is the intended social impact clear enough? Where do you get your income from? Can you increase the innovation factor of your concept? Which partners do you involve? What impact do you think you can realize? To further strengthen those aspects, we develop tailor-made guidance for you. Together we look for the right partners in our network who can answer your questions.

How much does the Social Innovation Factory charge you?

Nothing, it’s for free. However, we expect you to reinvest the time we invest in you back into our network, e.g. by sparring with other changemakers in our community, to be a speaker at one of our events … This way, we make sure that the Social Innovation Factory’s network grows stronger and stronger. And that our (and your) concepts will have an even bigger chance to succeed.


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